Give Hope and Transform a Child's LIFE Now
Give Hope and Transform a Child's LIFE Now

We are happy to announce that our offices are now completed in Masina area.


Masina is a municipality in the Tshangu district of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is bordered by the Pool Malebo in the north and Boulevard Lumbumba to the south.


We are using these facilities to run the two projects that we currently have.  It was quite difficult to plan and carry out the day to day activities without a suitable accomodation.  We had hoped to get help from partners to complete this project, which we were pleased to recieve sufficient funding and am grateful we can complete another completed project. 


Our project staff are very happy to now be in a suitable environment that they can use as a work area.  This makes it easier for them to have a filing system in place and computers and other necessary equipment for the full functioning of the centre.  This also means that the children will now have a place where they can sit down quietly with project worker and receive the help and the assistance they need.


Other great news we can announce is that, we have secured a lease on other land in Mpasa where we will be building a children's centre. This centre will serve many children in this area where poverty is so prevalent.  About 50% of the children don't go to school because they cannot afford the fees, and also because the school is 7km journey to travel by foot.  These children have been forgotten by the leaders in politics but we will not turn a blind eye anymore.


We are always looking to welcome more volunteers to the team so please feel free to fill in the online form on the contact us page or click here!


Thank you for your contribution and continued support.


DRC Children First



18 November 2016

Rising tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are being stoked by crackdowns on freedom of expression and peaceful protests, posing a deadly risk of further violence, Amnesty International said today, one month ahead of the day President Joseph Kabila’s constitutionally-mandated second term will end.


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