Give Hope and Transform a Child's LIFE Now
Give Hope and Transform a Child's LIFE Now

Where We Work

We have two locations in Kinshasa's poorest areas: Masina & Mpasa.  Kinshasa has a population of 12 million, of which more than 60% live on less than $2 a day.  Masina is the poorest and most densely populated area with over 20% of Kinshasa's total population living in the region. I lived the first 10 years of my life in this area before moving to England but it is now unrecognisable to me after 17 years of political instability and brutal war which still plagues the Congo to this day.


The sad reality is that innocent children are paying a heavy price for this ongoing instability.  They are deprived of the basics of life: love, care, affection, attention, health and education.  While so many children are in need of help in the Congo we decided to start where the need is greatest.


Mpasa is less populated than Masina but the children living in this area face many of the same problems because of extreme poverty.


Mpasa is a new district which has grown up on the outskirts of Masina over the past ten years.  Many people settle in this bush region because they could not live in Masina and have been forced to live in whatever conditions they can afford.


Conditions in Mpasa ae harsh: 80% of the population are unemployed and there is no clean water or medical facility nearby.  There are no schools in the area and children regularly walk 5-7 miles a day to go to school.


We have set up a tent to provide a temporary shelter for 20 children who would otherwise be sleeping rough on the street of Mpasa or Masina.  We provide them with food, medical attention and an on site education programme to help them learn and develop in a loving and supportive environment.


Please consider joining with us to bring hope and change to these areas.

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18 November 2016

Rising tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are being stoked by crackdowns on freedom of expression and peaceful protests, posing a deadly risk of further violence, Amnesty International said today, one month ahead of the day President Joseph Kabila’s constitutionally-mandated second term will end.


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